Steps To Starting Your Own Business


If you’re enjoying your current 9-5 position this may not apply to you but for those that aren’t and are looking for change, this post is for you. Maybe that change refers to a different job placement in a different industry or company but the best long-term solution is setting up a business of your interest. Creating and maintaining a successful business does not happen overnight and most people know this so why wait any […]

Ask An Expert / Meet An Investor event by OCE

The “Ask an Expert/Meet an Investor” sessions allow you to connect with experts in the areas of investing, entrepreneurship, support for innovation, and international trade. The sessions are intended to give small and medium-sized businesses and individuals the opportunity to seek advice and mentoring from investors, successful business and industry leaders on issues such as expanding a company or launching an idea/product. At last year’s event, the Zone facilitated over 590 meetings and hosted 3 […]

The Explosion of Cryptocurrencies & the Differences Between Them


[sgmb id=”1″]   If you haven’t been following the news or have simply been living under a rock, we’ve entered into an explosion of cryptocurrencies. All sorts of ideas may be running through your mind when you read headlines about cryptocurrencies but the reality is that their future is, for the most part, uncertain. What we can do is lay out the cases for and against cryptocurrencies. According to (Suster, 2017), here are the strongest cases for the […]

Choosing A Smart Exit Strategy For Your Business

exit strategy

[sgmb id=”1″] An Exit Strategy That Fits Your Business   Every Company Should Have A Clear Exit Strategy It’s recommended that the exit strategy be signed off by the founders before the first piece of external investment enters the organization. A smart exit strategy, well tailored to the characteristics of the business and its market, will: improve the chances of success increase the ultimate exit valuation and shorten the time to exit Early exits have […]

Startup: Luminari just raised over $500,000 in a recent investment round!


[sgmb id=”1″]   StartupFuel thrives to see startups grow and succeed which is why we were thrilled to find out that Luminari recently secured investment north of $500, 000 from some of Canada’s leading investors. If you’ve been following along with StartupFuel, you probably heard about our interview with the online platform – Luminari. It’s an ambitious startup with a mission to eliminate the need for active job-seeking, allowing people to keep up-to-date with the […]

Importance of Networking

importance of networking

[sgmb id=”1″] The importance of networking is summed up perfectly in the statement, “your net worth is only as good as your network.”   The benefits of professional networking are numerous and is sure to help you advance yourself in this world in some form or another. Whether you’re simply learning from the success of others through exciting conversation, expanding your knowledge or growing your business by finding clients, the importance of networking lies in […]

Successful Habits Every Entrepreneur Must Adopt

successful habits

[sgmb id=”1″] “Successful people are simply those with Successful habits.” – Brian Tacy Easily overlooked but critical to personal happiness and professional success are our habits. They provide the framework on which we form our lives and as humans, we are amazed at the successful habits others have adopted (mainly successful personas such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs). One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to find out what […]

Success Stories: MindValley, a result of the need for ‘something more’

[sgmb id=”1″] Using just $700 of funding to create a business worth $40 million? That’s not something a lot of entrepreneurs can say they’ve done today. Meet Vishen Lakhiani (founder) of “MindValley,” an education investment group recognized for building and investing in education businesses.   Vishen Lakhiani is the reason Mindvalley is where it is today. The story begins after Vishen lost his “director of sales” position for a growing internet business in San Francisco […]

Attracting Investors to Grow Your Business

attracting investors

[sgmb id=”1″] A surefire way of attracting investors for a business just doesn’t exist due to various factors but does that mean you give up and just hope that an angel investor somehow lands on your business and decides to risk his capital for it? I hope your answer is no and if it was yes…good luck! This might sound somewhat like a paradox but in order to attract investors to grow your business, you […]

5 Mistakes I Made With Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

[sgmb id=”1″] Influencer marketing is the millennial way to advertise. Instead of annoying TV ads or in-your-face banners, you have these influencers doing the work. To put it simply, influencers are like celebrities. They have a significant following on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or a successful website/blog that has many readers. This article gives you great statistics on today’s influencer marketing. Working with influencers helps your business’ advertising efforts feel less forced on your […]